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Boxing Gloves Top Ten Elite
Boxing Gloves Top Ten Elite

Boxing Gloves Top Ten Elite

Item number: 25161-95

Item number: 25161-95

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Material made from hi-grade super soft specially treated genuine BF leather and PU/PVC artificial leather. Lined with polyester self adhesive foamy fabric lining.

Padded bar for extra grip, padded with 4 layers sandwich foam & natural fiber provides punching power & superior protection for knuckles. Wrap around hook & loop strap closing.

Gloves variation are in ounces (oz) which indicates the weight of gloves, not their size.

6oz - Kids weight

8oz - Junior or women fighting weight in Kickboxing

10oz - Standard fighting weight in kickboxing and boxing

12oz - Training and fighting weight from Featherweight

14oz - Training weight

16oz - Training and sparring weight

18oz - Sparring weight

Choose glove weight according to use and purpose

If you are unsure about which glove you need, please ask your coach, trainer, or contact us.

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