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The company Grips is an attractive hybrid of Chinese capital, manufacturing know-how, unique Italian design and long experience in combat sports. Grips originally starting out just making BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) uniforms. As soon as they were launched these outfits were met with huge success, and today they are ranked among the best such products in the world. Their ambitious team of designers did not rested on their laurels, however - immediately they set about developing other combat sport/fitness products. Among other top items of Grip training equipment are MMA shorts, fitness shorts, rashguards and other accessories. One of the company’s particularly great design projects is product series devoted to crossfit and fitness. With these products, Grips has staked out a serious claim to be numbered among the best sportswear producers in the world. This product series includes sports bras, crossfit wear, training and functional T-shirts, tracksuits, compression underwear and other sports accessories.

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