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Pants Top Ten Mesh
Pants Top Ten Mesh

Pants Top Ten Mesh

Item number: 0605B
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Item number: 0605B
Color: blue
Material: polyamid

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TOP TEN pants are now made from a new, ultra-light polyamid material with the TOP TEN logo lightly embossed directly at the fabrication process. This light-resistant material makes for a cool outfit.

• Fantastic fitting.

• The pants are specially designed for kickboxing.

• A lot of modern designs..

• Heavy-duty stiching insures durability.

• An extra large gusset allows more freedom of movement and enables the fighter to wear a large groin cup comfortably.

Top Ten pants measurements (cm)

130: A=25, B=90, C=34, D16, E=23
140: A=30, B=95, C=34, D=19, E=24
150: A=35, B=100, C=36, D=22, E=25
160: A=40, B=105, C=38, D=25, E=26
170: A=45, B=110, C=40, D=28, E=27
180: A=50, B=115, C=42, D=31, E=28
190: A=55, B=120, C=44, D=33, E=29
200: A=60, B=125, C=46, D=36, E=30


size A B C D E
130 9.8'' 25cm 35.4'' 90cm 13.4'' 34cm 6.3'' 16cm 9.1'' 23cm
140 11.8'' 30cm 37.4'' 95cm 13.4'' 34cm 7.5'' 19cm 9.4'' 24cm
150 13.8'' 35cm 39.4'' 100cm 14.2'' 36cm 8.7'' 22cm 9.8'' 25cm
160 15.7'' 40cm 41.3'' 105cm 15'' 38cm 9.8'' 25cm 10.2'' 26cm
170 17.7'' 45cm 43.3'' 110cm 15.7'' 40cm 11'' 28cm 10.6'' 27cm
180 19.7'' 50cm 45.3'' 115cm 16.5'' 42cm 12.2'' 31cm 11'' 28cm
190 21.7'' 55cm 47.2'' 120cm 17.3'' 44cm 13'' 33cm 11.4'' 29cm
200 23.6'' 60cm 49.2'' 125cm 18.1'' 46cm 14.2'' 36cm 11.8'' 30cm


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