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It doesn’t matter whether you are a martial arts enthusiast or a professional boxer; you simply need the right gloves for the job. We’ve got what you need and offer a variety of premium hand protection for strikers to choose from. We stock bag gloves, open-hand gloves (or point-fighting gloves), boxing gloves (for classic boxing, Muay Thai and Kickboxing) and MMA gloves. Each offers something specific for the athlete. Bag gloves are worn when training on a heavy bag, speed bag and/or mitts. Open-hand gloves are also called point-fighting gloves because the palms are open and they are used for point-fighting training and competition. Boxing gloves are for light to heavy contact use. They are used for bag training, sparring and competition - depending on the athlete’s needs. MMA gloves are for athletes practicing mixed martial arts that need the ability grab; they have free finger movement and also knuckle protection when striking.
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