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Hanwei produces functional replicas of vintage weapons, mainly Japanese, but also European and Chinese. It also produces high quality knives, armor, accessories, collector replicas and other items. Thanks especially to its functional and training replicas of Japanese swords such as the katana, wakizashi and tanto, the company has built a worldwide name and won over millions of customers. One of the company’s most phenomenal series (“Practical”) includes sharp-edged katanas as well as unsharpened iaito. The cutting katanas in the Practical series are a flagship of this company and hundreds of thousands of them have been sold worldwide. The main attributes of this series are high quality, functionality and reasonable prices.

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Sword - Weapons HANWEI Case -

Sword - Weapons HANWEI Case -

Transport Your Gear in Style This is the best sword bag I've ever come across! I've used it to transport my...

Color: black

Material: nylon

In stock: Yes

63,00 € incl. VAT

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