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Complete Suit High Gear™
Complete Suit High Gear™

Complete Suit High Gear™

High Gear High Gear
Item number: gear 001
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Item number: gear 001
Color: black
Material: PVC/plexi/leather/polyester


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A complete suit is made up of nine components. A unique blend of 'Smart Foams', plastics, plexiglas, leather and polyester make up the materials that make the HIGH GEAR™ suit the lightest, most versatile 'Impact Reduction Gear' on the market.

Over 500 assembly stages go into every single hand-crafted HIGH GEAR™ suit. The gear took over 7 years to make from sketching to final prototype. HIGH GEAR™ AT A GLANCE

* Much lighter than anything on the market: just 7.5 lbs.

* Takes just over 3 minutes to gear up solo or 2 minutes with assistance.

* The ONLY gear with virtually total mobility, allowing for grappling, clinching and weapons defense training.

* The ONLY gear that you can wear clothes over to increase the visual reality and sensory overload for students in simulations, which will increase the adrenal surge.

* Will not interfere with your style or system's tactics. We've had it tested by some of the world's most experienced DT & combatives experts, as well as kick-boxers & even Brazilian Ju Jitsu specialists, everyone was able to use the gear effectively.

* Only HIGH GEAR™ doesn't distort "Proximity Sense". Most gear is so bulky that the target you make contact with is NOT really a target in real-life.

* Because HIGH GEAR™ is so light, flexible and mobile, you can train in more realistic environments. Now you can practice in an elevator, hallway, bed, in a car and so on. This is one of the ways to really improve confidence in your students: create realistic scenarios, in realistic environments with realistic dialogue and realistic tactics.

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