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Item number: 333105

Item number: 333105

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Full power for the entire body!

Included in delivery are: the Foeldeak® BulgarianBag Introductory DVD a top-quality storing cover

Full power for the entire body!Filling material: wool and sand. Color: silk mat black look. Three different types of handles allow athletes to execute exercises by using different grips (integrated grips, grip stumps, nylon loops.
For all combat, strength and skill sports.
To practice individually or in groups.
In four weight categories.

The Foeldeak® BulgarianBag fit is available in 4 weight categories: XS (5 kg), S (8 kg), M (12 kg) or L (17 kg) - the different colors of the nylon loops stand for the different weights Included in delivery are: the Foeldeak® BulgarianBag Introductory DVD (article no. 332107) a top-quality storing cover Please note the following: Since this item is unique and intricately crafted by hand, this may entail color deviations as well as slight dimensional and/or weight variations. Tiny inclusions within the leather form an integral part and result in the distinctive craftsmanlike character.

Bags are made in five weight categories

Size Bags weight Person's weight
XS 5kg 27 - 45kg
S 8kg 45 - 68kg
M 12kg 68 - 86kg
L 17kg 86 - 94kg
XL 22kg 94kg <


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