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GRIPS MMA trenky Carbon Army
GRIPS MMA trenky  Carbon Army

GRIPS MMA trenky Carbon Army

Grips Grips
Item number: GR0038

Item number: GR0038

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Product Features
Technical Specifications:
Designed for high level training
Recycled polyester / Spandex
NTB Grips 4-Way Stretch
High tension strength panel on crouch, split seams for unrestricted range of motion
Anti-slip silicone print on inner back waist
Reinforced T3 stitching for ultimate strength and durability
Allover sublimation print that won’t crack or fade
Ultra light, strong, comfortable and breathable material
Large integrated mouth guard pocket

Size Chart

  Deviation S M L XL XXL
A 0.4'' 1cm 15'' 38cm 15.7'' 40,5cm 16.9'' 43cm 17.9'' 45,5cm 18.9'' 48cm
B 0.4'' 1cm 19.9'' 50,5cm 20.9'' 53cm 21.9'' 55,5cm 22.8'' 58cm 23.8'' 60,5cm
C 0.4' 1cm 15.7'' 40cm 16.5'' 42cm 17.3'' 44cm 18.1'' 46cm 18.9'' 48cm
D 0.2'' 0,5cm 8.3'' 21cm 8.9'' 22,5cm 9.4'' 24cm 10'' 25,5cm 10.6'' 27cm
E 0.2'' 0,5cm 10.1'' 25,6cm 10.4'' 26,3cm 10.6'' 27cm 10.9'' 27,7cm 11.2'' 28,4cm


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