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The website stores files, generally known as cookies, on your device in compliance with laws. 

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files thanks to which any website visited remembers your actions and settings you have carried out so that you do not need to enter such data again. Cookies do not pose a risk but are essential for the protection of privacy. Cookies cannot be used to identify visitors´ identity or abuse registration data. Therefore, the person-user cannot be identified on the basis of such information. Cookie files help us, for example, to function correctly so that the purchasing process can be completed as easily as possible and to find out which sites and features the visitors use most often. On the basis of such information, we can best adjust our offer to your requirements.  

What cookies do we use?

We use cookies, for example, to maintain the switching from mobile devices to PC version of the site, and others to keep your preferences when browsing the website. We further use third party cookies (e.g. Google Analytics to analyse the visitor rate). Such cookies are controlled by the third parties and we do not have access to read or enter the data.[OH1] Consent to store cookies Unless your browser is set differently, most browsers accept cookies automatically. By using this website you agree to the storing of cookies. You can restrict or block the use of cookies in your web browser settings. For more information on the settings of a particular browser, please see the following addresses: 

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To provide services, send customized ads and analyse visit rate, this website uses cookies. By using it, you give your consent with it. About cookies

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