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    F1 (A1) F2 (A2) F3 (A3) F4 (4A)
A Chest - from armpit to armpit  50 cm/19.68 in 52 cm/20.47 in 54 cm/21.25 in 56 cm/22.04 in
B Height of the jacket 68 cm/26.77 in 71 cm/27.95 in 74 cm/29.13 in 77 cm/30.31 in  
C Length of the sleeve 64.5 cm 25.39 in 66 cm/25.98 in 67.5 cm/26.57 in 69 cm/27.16 in  
D Width of the waist 47 cm/18.50 in 49 cm/19.29 in 51 cm/20.07 in   53 cm/20.86 in  
E Length of the leg 94 cm/37 in 96 cm/37.79 in 98 cm/38.58 in 100 cm/39.37 in

The size chart shows actual measurements of the parts of the uniform

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