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Kimono Grips Secret Weapon 2.0 - royal-blue
Kimono Grips Secret Weapon 2.0 - royal-blue

Kimono Grips Secret Weapon 2.0 - royal-blue

Grips Grips
Item number: GR0002
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Item number: GR0002
Color: royal-blue
Material: cotton

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The GRIPS™ Kimono has been created with the finest attention to detail. Kimono Secret Weapon uses light, breathable fabric and is designed with a focus on efficiency. The mixed martial artist athlete today needs maximum mobility for athletic precision and performance. That’s why the quality of our Kimono is enforced in all aspects of design: temperature regulation, durability, and comfort.
Sewn with triple stitching, the Kimono Secret Weapon allows the athlete room to move, grapple, and fight with ease. The reinforced stitching allows for complete long-lasting wear. Not only was the Kimono designed with agility and speed in mind for the modern athlete, but importantly, comfort. Our Kimono is a pioneer in its use of quality design, like enhanced details in reinforced padding and stretchable pants lace. Our personalized lace allows for better closure during athletics practice and competition. GRIPS™ Kimono is also the first to use COOLMAX® , an innovative padding design, reinforced for high-impact protection. Shoulder blade and knee padding prevents injury for key placement areas during martial performance. GRIPS™ Kimono Secret Weapon is the ultimate for comfort, long wear and strong performance.

Size A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6
A 22.2'' 56,5cm 23.6'' 60cm 24.6'' 62,5cm 25.6'' 65cm 26.6'' 67,5cm 27.6'' 70cm
B 28.9'' 73,5cm 30.3'' 77cm 32.3'' 79,5cm 32.3'' 82cm 33.5'' 85cm 34.6'' 88cm
C 23.8'' 60,5cm 28.3'' 72cm 29.9'' 76cm 30.3'' 77cm 31.5'' 80cm 32.7'' 83cm
D 5.9'' 15cm 6.3'' 16cm 6.7'' 17cm 7.1'' 18cm 7.5'' 19cm 7.9'' 20cm
E 37.6'' 95,5cm 39'' 99cm 40.4'' 102,5cm 41.7'' 106cm 43.3'' 110cm 44.9'' 114cm
F 20,5'' 52cm 21.7'' 55cm 22.8'' 58cm 24'' 61cm 25.2'' 64cm 26.4'' 67cm
G 22.4'' 57cm 23.6'' 60cm 26'' 66cm 26.4'' 67cm 27.2'' 69cm 28.3'' 72cm
H 8.3'' 21cm 8.9'' 22,5cm 9.4'' 24cm 10'' 25,5cm 10.6'' 27cm 11.2'' 28,5cm


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