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Kine-MAX Nonelastic sport tape 2,5 cm x 10 m
Kine-MAX Nonelastic sport tape 2,5 cm x 10 m

Kine-MAX Nonelastic sport tape 2,5 cm x 10 m

KinesioMAX KinesioMAX
Item number: TAPE001
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Item number: TAPE001
Color: white
Material: cotton


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The non-elastic tape bandage KinesioMAX represents unique solution in the field of sports medicine, physiotherapy and orthopedics.

It is used to provide support in sports performance, as prevention and in treatment of both acute and chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system and arthropathy.

It is super strong and easily detachable KinesioMAX tape is made of 95% cotton fiber and 5% viscose, which its non-elastic properties guarantees steady, reliable fixation and support.

It's sophisticated milled-edge trim the tape bandage is for application easy to tear off even without the use of scissors.

A special layer of hypoallergenic latex-free ZINK-OXID adhesive in strips ensures high adhesive power and chiefly reliable fixation under extreme strain. This system is a result of many years of research performed in cooperation with sportsmen, physicians and physiotherapists.

How does the non-elastic tape bandage KinesioMAX Tape work? The main function of the non-elastic tape is fixation and delimitation of the motion of afflicted body parts, particularly joints, tendons and ligaments, in a way that would prevent any further undesirable damage.

Therefore its high strength and adhesiveness are of maximum importance. KinesiMAX tape is used not merely by sportsmen, physiotherapists, and chiropractics but also by physicians from a series of other disciplines.

Through its properties the non-elastic KinesioMAX tape provides relief from pain, generates external support and, most of all ensures stability.

It has been designed to meet all requirements of professional athletes and facilitated their maximum performance.

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