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Contact styles that also use weapons place an added demand on functional and complete body protection. One such sport is kendo. Here on-line you can buy complete protection. For other types of training, such as with telescopic batons, you can use some of the other protective equipment we have such as the RedMan.
Ready Made Bougu Set 6mm

Ready Made Bougu Set 6mm

Most suitable for beginners and club use, these quality Bougu sets are a great way to get into armour at minimum...

Color: black

In stock: L

366,67 € incl. VAT

Red Man Instructor Suit

Red Man Instructor Suit

XP Instructor protective suit is an ideal tool for self-defense instructor training and fighting at close range....

Color: red

Material: dip-foam

In stock: Yes

1 796,00 € incl. VAT

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