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Quantum Head Guard Xtreme Protection - Red
Quantum Head Guard   Xtreme Protection - Red

Quantum Head Guard Xtreme Protection - Red

Quantum Quantum
Item number: DAKOPQUAX-R
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Item number: DAKOPQUAX-R
Color: red
Material: technical foam

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 The QUANTUM XP / Xtreme Protection is a patented high-tech Sparring head guard, that meets the highest demands in terms of safety, performance and comfort.

We used our 30 years of experience and our technical Know-How to combine cutting-edge materials with innovative design to create a product with perfect fit and functionality. The QUANTUM XP is trendsetting in the development of head guards and already today it satisfies the needs of tomorrow.

MAXIMUM PROTECTION & OPTIMAL VIEW – QUANTUM XP is a unique Sparring head guard, that combines maximum cheekbone and nose protection with an optimal field of vision. The cheekbone protection fits exactly to the cheekbone and closely to the nose and therefore delivers the best possible protection. Thanks to a invention by QUANTUM -  the special recesses in its visor, it simultaneously delivers an unobstructed view to the sides and to the bottom. The fighter can see punches and kicks much earlier and react accordingly. Thereby this Sparring head guard combines what seemed impossible until now – maximum cheekbone and nose protection and an ideal field of view.

PERFECT FIT – The fit of the QUANTUM XP is revolutionary. Due to its improved construction, it can be used for head circumferences from 52cm up to 62cm. Thanks to a invention by QUANTUM – an easily upward and downward adjustable, serrated band in the rear, the QUANTUM XP can even be regulated to fit various lengths and shapes of heads. That means the same head guard fits an adult as well as a small child or teenager. This way one head guard can be used by many people with different head sizes at the same time. By simply adjusting the velcro bands the head guard can be changed from big to small and back in a matter of seconds. The head guard can be bought for a child or teenager and grows with the young fighter over the years, always assuring a perfect fit to the steadily increasing head size of the owner.

MAXIMUM SHOCK ABSOPTION – The QUANTUM XP is made of a highly elastic and very flexible material and distinguishes itself through its optimal damping properties. When closing the velcro band, the material stretches in such a way that the inner surface of the head guard exactly attaches to the form of your head. Thereby there are no empty spaces between the head guard and the head that would have a negative impact on the damping properties. This guarantees the best protection and optimal shock absorption.

NO SLIP – Due to a finely roughened and slip-proof inner surface in combination with the close fit, slipping out of position is a thing of the past with the QUANTUM XP.

NO SWEAT – The QUANTUM XP contains an extra drainage groove over the forehead that redirects sweat to the sides of the head and prevents annoying perspiration from dripping into the face. This way the field of view is nearly sweat-free and you can focus on the fight 100%.

NO HEAT – Ventilation openings that are ideally distributed over the whole head guard allow for optimal air circulation and keep the head cool.

MADE IN AUSTRIA – because we want to know exactly what’s inside. All processed materials have been tested under strict EU-REACH guidelines and are innocuous for people and the environment. Additionally, the surface has been tested in an epicutaneous test and is demonstrably skin-friendly and hypoallergenic

EASY TO CLEAN – The QUANTUM XP can be cleaned easily by simply holding it under running water or wiping it clean with a wet cloth. Just rinse it once and it is as good as new – odourless and hygienic. 

A set of 3 velcro bands in different lengths provides for easy adjustment of the head guard to any head shape or size:

S  - head circumference: 52cm - 55cm
M - head circumference: 56cm - 58cm
L  - head circumference: 59cm - 62cm


  • One size fits all, ideal for both adults and children.
  • Including additional recesses in the cheek protection to guarantee an optimal field of view combined with an improved protection.
  • Fits every shape of head thanks to its incredible flexibility. 
  • Made of cutting-edge, extremely durable and tear-proof foam.
  • Ideal shock absorption due to the innovative material composition.
  • A serrated band in the rear provides a perfect fit and fixation for any head circumference and size.
  • An extra drainage groove over the forehead prevents perspiration from dripping into the face.
  • Additional recesses provide for unobstructed view and hearing.
  • Perfectly designed ventilation openings allow for optimal air circulation and keep the head cool.
  • Hygienic and odorless. Easy to clean.
  • A set of 3 velcro bands in different lengths provides for easy adjustment of the headgear to any head shape or sizePlease be aware that the velcro bands can also be bought separately to ensure the best possible fit.
  • CE-Tested
  • Compliant with EU REACH - guidelines
  • Skin-friendly and hypoallergenic

size A - head circuit
S 52 - 55 cm
M 56 - 59 cm​ 
L 60 - 62 cm​ 

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