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XXXXSatori Aikido Uniform MASTER
XXXXSatori Aikido Uniform  MASTER

XXXXSatori Aikido Uniform MASTER

Satori Satori
Item number: AG-750

Item number: AG-750

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These deluxe Aikido Gi are the epitome of quality, the best Aikido Gi we have ever seen in our many tears of trading. They have been specially made to better suit the purposes of the Aikido practitioner, as the best alternative to Judo style suits which are not really ideal for this art. All Gi supplied complete with white belt. Extra Soft Material - This Deluxe 750g Sashiko Ori fabric has undergone a special softening process in addition to having a brushed cotton interior, greaty increasing the comfort..

Special Features on Aikido Student:

Short Sleeves - All traditional Japanese clothing has a ľ length sleeves. For unarmed arts this is particularly practical as there are many grabs to the wrists and suchlike which can be impeded by the longer Judo style sleeve..

Minimised Reinforcement - Due to the nature of Aikido it is not necessary to heavily reinforce the lapels of the Gi. Reinforcement therefore serves no purpose for an Aikido Gi other than to stiffen the suit considerably and make it more uncomfortable to train in..

Fewer Seams - Bulky seams have been minimised by manufacturing the Gi from two pieces only, front and back. This increases the overall strength of the Gi whilst removing the seam at the top of the shoulder and arm which makes the cut of the Gi better and rolling falls more comfortable..

Double Layer Apron - A common point of failure of Judo Gi is on the apron part. As a result the lower apron section of our new Gi has been made with two layers of soft fabric to eliminate this problem. This softened fabric also makes the Gi especially suitable to be worn with Hakama.

Pants can be sold separately HERE

Size A B C D E F G H
160cm 53.1'' 135cm 8.7'' 22cm 13'' 33cm 31.5'' 80cm 13'' 33cm 14.2'' 36cm 35.4'' 90cm 10.2'' 26cm
170cm 57.1'' 145cm 9.1'' 23cm 13.4'' 34cm 33.5'' 85cm 13.4'' 34cm 15'' 38cm 39.4'' 100cm 10.4'' 26,5cm
180cm 61'' 155cm 9.4'' 24cm 13.8'' 35cm 35.4'' 90cm 13.8'' 35cm 15.7'' 40cm 43.3'' 110cm 10.6'' 27cm
190cm 65'' 165cm 9.8'' 25cm 14.2'' 36cm 37.4'' 95cm 14.2'' 36cm 16.5'' 42cm 47.2'' 120cm 10.8'' 27,5cm
200cm 68.9'' 175cm 10.2'' 26cm 14.6'' 37cm 39.4'' 100cm 14.6'' 37cm 17.3'' 44cm 51.2'' 130cm 11'' 28cm


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