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Suples® Bone Dummy Black
Suples® Bone Dummy Black

Suples® Bone Dummy Black

Suples Suples
Item number: B342106
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Item number: B342106
Color: black
Material: vinyl

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Suples® Bone Dummy Black 

Ivan’s Gut Wrench & Crotch Lift Dummy nick named “The Bone” is designed for developing specific strength for the following wrestling techniques; Gut Wrench, Front Head Lock, Crotch Lift, Leg Lace, Straight Lift, Reverse Lift and many other exercises that enhance an athletes flexibility and explosion. More experienced athletes can use The Bone Wrestling Dummy for upper body throws such as; Hip Throw and Body Lock Throws. The Bone comes with a DVD containing detailed training instructions and drills designed by Coach Ivan Ivanov.

This wrestling dummy is a great piece of equipment for developing a strong grip, quick reaction, willpower, static strength and perfect drills for wrestling in parterre. The Bone wrestling dummy makes the drills competitive and brings out the desire and fun while developing excellent technique. “The Bone” is exciting and the work outs are fun.

  • Small: Weight 22-25 kg; Height 147cm, For athletes  40-63 kg
  • Medium: Weight 27-30 kg; Height 160cm; For athletes 63-80kg
  • Large: Weight 35-39 kg; Height 172cm,; For athletes 80-115 kg


Size Height Weight- dummy For athlets
S 147cm 22-25kg 40-63kg
M 160cm 27-30kg 63-80kg
L 172cm 35-39kg 80+kg


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