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Trocellen I-TIS Judo IJF Tatami 2x1m - yellow - 5cm
Trocellen I-TIS Judo IJF Tatami 2x1m - yellow  - 5cm

Trocellen I-TIS Judo IJF Tatami 2x1m - yellow - 5cm

Trocellen Trocellen
Item number: 85266001-Y
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Item number: 85266001-Y
Color: yellow
Material: polyethlen

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ProGame I-TIS competition IJF approved


  • Length: 2000 mm
  • Width: 1000 mm
  • Thickness: 50 mm
Red / yellow as per IJF regulations for international competitions


  • Cross-linked polyethylene closed cell monodensity
  • Embossed PVC rice-straw and rolled specifically with cross-linked polyethylene foam
  • Patented hidden locking system specifically designed to avoid use of additional frames
  • 70% lighter than a traditional tatami
  • Washable, impermeable, light, safe, innovative
  • High absorption recognized shock and tested by CRITT according IJF label
  • Logo IJF and references ProGame tatami by Trocellen marked with laser technolog

I-TIS by ProGame Tatami by Trocellen is a brand new product, the result of the evolution of the previous TIS concept. Every feature of the I-TIS judo tatami mat is innovative and revolutionary. Approved by the International Judo Federation, it has been recognized as a product suitable for any type of competition: from regional to Olympic tournaments. Certificate HERE

Its patented concealed hooking system keeps the mats firmly joined together during performance: the approved I-TIS IJF mat is the perfect tatami for every type of activity. The installed area also does not require containment frames.

Thanks to its extreme lightness, it is easy to install, without leaving gaps between mats and preventing shifting, which happens with traditional tatami mats. The guaranteed safety of this mat and its innovative concealed hooking system make it the safest and most stable tatami on the market, ideal for any type of event.

ProGame Tatami I-TIS IJF approved offers:

  • Lightness, impermeability and safety
  • Top performances thanks to continuous checks, measurements and testing
  • Maximum Compliance – Product homologated for all IJF competitions
  • Fire resistant – certified Euroclass E
  • Possibility to customize the product upon request

Trocellen’s success in the field of martial arts mats is based on the product’s perfect characteristics, fulfilling the athlete’s needs, offering  a very easy installation, thanks to the hidden locking system.

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