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Windy Boxing Gloves Special - white/grey
Windy Boxing Gloves Special - white/grey

Windy Boxing Gloves Special - white/grey

Windy Windy
Item number: BGVH-WH-GR

Item number: BGVH-WH-GR

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Boxing gloves Windy Special
 gloves are made of the finest leather. Traditionally, Windy produces cutting-edge equipment made of best materials. All products are still mostly produced manually and only the first quality of their production comes to the European market.
The Windy Special Gloves fit universally and are suitable for Muay Thai, kickboxing, etc...
Velcro fastening is long and strong enough to provide sufficient fixation and support.
The anatomically shaped area of the thumb is attached with a thick leather loop to the glove and forms an ergonomic shape which protects from​ injury.


  • Made in Thailand!
  • Top material and traditional handmade production
  • Classic cut
  • Laminated foam padding of different density and properties

Gloves variation are in ounces (oz) which indicates the weight of gloves, not their size.

6oz - Kids weight

8oz - Junior or women fighting weight in Kickboxing

10oz - Standard fighting weight in kickboxing and boxing

12oz - Training and fighting weight from Featherweight

14oz - Training weight

16oz - Training and sparring weight

18oz - Sparring weight

Choose glove weight according to use and purpose

If you are unsure about which glove you need, please ask your coach, trainer, or contact us.

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