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Fighter  |  SKU: 60821001

Fighter Free-Standing Boxing Bag 3in1 - red/black, FFSB31-02

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Free standing bag

Training with no limits

The universal free-standing punching bag Fighter 3in1 brings completely new training experience. The concept is designed for the maximum possible use, both in the gym and at home. It is great for practicing various combat sports and martial arts from boxing and kickboxing to karate or taekwon-do.

  • Free Standing Bag

    The main function is to use it as afree-standing bag. Because the most of the weight is at the bottom, the bag gives you great feedback afterpunchingorkicking. Also if you punch and kick is strong and you put the bag down you can use only one finger to put it back to the upright position.

  • MMA Bag

    When you are tired of running around the bag and practicing stand up techniques - take out of the base and start something completely new. With no base the bag stands itself so you can easily have it ready for practicingtake-downs,throwingorground & pound.

  • Heavy Bag

    When you miss the classicalheavy bag, all you have to do is unpack the straps, hang the bag and you can star practicing. The bag is not as heavy as the regular one but because of the weight on the bottom it still gives you excellent workout.

  • The Base

    The base is already filled from factory so you do not have to fill-it with anything.  Thanks to the weight of the base (approx. 83 pounds, 38 kg), the bag is very stable. There is additional velcro on the bottom of the bag and inside of the base. This ensures sufficient attachment of the bag to the base. At the same time, with 4 integrated handles, you can easily carry the base and use the bag on different places. 

  • Material

    The coat of the bag and the base is made of a very durable Hitex Polyplan from Austria. This material is also very easy to maintain. The bag’s filling is made of several layers. Closest to the coat is the Trocellen PE from Italy. Below is PUR HD from the Czech Republic and the core is made of recycled rubber crumb. The base is supplemented by sand. Thanks to these materials, the bag can also be used outdoors. However, the maintenance instructions must be followed!



Fighter Free-Standing Boxing Bag 3in1 - red/black, FFSB31-02

€42900 EUR

Fighter Free-Standing Boxing Bag 3in1 - red/black

Fighter's unique Free-standing Boxing Bag 3in1 brings a completely new training experience. The concept is designed for maximum possible use thus in the gym, outside your house or at home. It is a great tool for practicing various combat sports and martial arts.

It is an excellent product mainly because its weight is at the bottom of the body, which allows the bag to give you a nice feedback while punching or kicking it. 

The bag was mainly designed for being used as a free-standing bag, but thanks to the design it's possible to hang the bag or practice take downs, throwing & ground and pound


1. A free-standing bag

2. A classical heavy bag (unpack the straps on top and hang it)

3. Practicing take downs, throwing & ground and pound with both, the body and the base (take out the body of its base and start practicing)

 The base is already filled (weights around 83 pounds/38kg). Thanks to its weight the bag is very stable. Inside the base is an additional velcro strap as well as on the bottom of the body, which ensures sufficient attachment of the body to its base. The base has 4 integrated handles for easier carrying

The outside layer of both, the base and the body is made of highly durable Hitex Polyplan (made in Austria, EU). The bag is filled with several layers making the bag long-lasting as well as comfortable to punch/kick.

  • - Read the handling and assembly of the free-standing 3in1 bag in the manual below -

    Use instructions HERE


    • 3in1: free-standing bag; dummy; hanging heavy bag
    • Made of durable & quality materials (all from EU); easy to clean; longevity
    • Height ~ 5 ft 7 in, 170 cm
    • Weight: base ~ 83 pounds/38 kg, body ~ 50 pounds/23 kg
    • Outdoor & indoor use (see maintenance instructions)
    • Made in Czech Republic, Europe
    • Protected by a Czech utility model no. 34704 and an international patent application PCT/IB2021/056217

    • - CAUTION - small scrapes are not a defect! They are caused during production and have no effect on the function of the punching bag!


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