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Kine-MAX SuperPro Rayon - Red
Kine-MAX SuperPro Rayon - Red

Kine-MAX SuperPro Rayon - Red

KinesioMAX KinesioMAX
Item number: KTSRRED01

Item number: KTSRRED01

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KineMAX SuperPro Cotton Tape represents revolutionary solution in the field of sports medicíne, physiotherapy and orthopaedics.

4 Way StretchTape is the most recent development in taping. As opposed to classic kinesiology tape, which stretches only lengthwise, KinesioMAX 4WAY Stretch Tape allows also crosswise (sideways) extensibility. It is made of 70% nylon fiber and 30% spandex, which makes the tape very agreeable to touch, easy to adapt, breathable and easy to drain away water. Its unique adhesion is ensured by special medical resin, which provides for ideal adhesive power. KinesioMAX 4WAY Stretch Tape provides for strong support of movement in extenso. An innovation is so called gum-effect, which thanks to the use of spandex stores energy prior the activity itself in the muscle. This energy is later liberated during the motion and the tape retains elasticity even for several days. Thanks to its unique properties it introduces new methods and techniques in the field of taping, which have not been so far feasible with classic kinesiology tape. It is used to provide support in sports performance, as prevention and in treatment of both acute and chronic disorders of the musculoskeletal apparatus, for improvement of the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems and to advance reparatory processes in tissues.

Thanks to its properties KinesioMAX 4WAY Stretch Kinesiology Tape:

- provides relief from pain,
- generates external support,
- ensures stability,
- stimulates faster recovery of injured or aching muscles and joints,
- benefits without any loss of comfort and/or freedom of motion

KinesioMAX 4WAY Stretch Tape has been designed to meet all requirements of professional athletes and stimulated their performance. The function of the tape is based on the principle of stimulating the nervous and circulatory systems, which positively affects the musculoskeletal and lymphatic systems. After its application the tape improves flow within the lymphatic and blood circulatory systems, and at the same time reduces blood pressure in blood vessels and stimulates cutaneous receptors.

All these factors positively affect and accelerate the healing process. KinesioMAX 4WAY Stretch Tape is used not merely by athletes but also by physiotherapists, chiropodists and physicians from other disciplines.

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