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Instructions Shin Guards JE1573

The protectors are not specified by design for the left or right side. However, the manufacturer recommends marking the protectors after the first wear and always putting them on the same side.

Manufacture: If the product is not in use and is stored in a place with a temperature of 5–25 °C, the product has a shelf life of 15 years from the date of manufacture.

Note: The use of this protector does not prevent the combination with protectors of other parts of the body. The EU declaration of conformity is available for download at

Designation/protection: The protector is designed as protective equipment for use in combat sports to protect shin and instep. It protects the user against contusions, abrasions, lacerations, fractures and other health damage. However, the protector cannot provide complete protection against injury.

Sizes: Body height and labelling
Labelling: S (160-170 cm), M (170-180 cm), L (180-190 cm), XL (190-200 cm)

Description: The anatomical shape of the protector, coverage of the protective areas and its internal padding provide adequate protection and comfort to the user. The protectors are made of materials that meet the requirements of hygienic safety.

Use: Slide the leg into the protector with Velcro fasteners open, through the rubber straps in the foot and heel area. After positioning the protector on the shinbone, wrap both straps around the whole calf. Attach the protector so that the protector does not spontaneously shift or fall during movement or due to other causes.
Poorly fitted protector will not provide proper protection.

Maintenance: After every use (outside and inside) the protector must be cleaned with soapy water and dried.

Wear: If the protector is used daily and intensively, it is subject to heavy wear. The manufacturer then recommends replacing the protector after 6 months.

Material: synthetic leather